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Adapter Product Line

Full Line of Adapters

LALive.gif (18431 bytes)Adapters.com makes adapters for all types of applications.  With thousands of parts available off-the-shelf and custom solutions available in as little as two weeks ARO.

We solve interconnect challenges for any package, any pin count, any pitch.
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Solder down base for PQFP packages.  Used for in-circuit emulators, logic analyzers, socketing ICs and other testing applications.  The PolyPod line offers the highest amount of flexibility in a PQFP adapter with bases that cost up to 75% less other PQFP bases.

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Emulation Adapters

Adapters.com provides a full line of adapters to be used with in-circuit emulators, such as Nohau, iSYSTEM, and others. The adapters can either plug into a socket, clip over the IC, or solder down in the IC footprint.  New technology for PQFP packages allow for better lower cost solder down adapters.  Click here for available pin counts

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Logic Analyzer Adapters

Logic analyzer adapters connect to your target board and allow you to attach logic analyzers or other test equipment.  The Logic Anaylzer adapters can clip over the device, plug into a socket and allow the IC to be placed in a socket on the top of the adapter, or solder down to a board and allow the IC to be soldered into the top of the adapter.

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Programming Adapters

Programmers normally have DIP sockets.  IC normally come in packages other than DIP.  Adapters.com solves this by offering a full line of programming adapters thousands of ICs.
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Prototyping Adapters

Prototyping adapters are used to go from an IC down to a bread board when developing new designs.  Now you can prototype with any type of IC package.

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Production Adapters

Adapters.com carries a full line of production adapters and can quickly design custom productions adapters. 

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Micro Grabbers

Testing individual pins on PQFP and TSOP packages requires special test leads.  We have two different lines of products to solve this problems.
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Vacuum Pens and other accessories

We specialize in solutions for the testing and debugging environment.  Call for any of your interconnect tools.  If we don't have it, chances are, we will know who does.
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custom adapter design gifCustom Adapter Design services are available. We specialize in providing custom solutions to your interconnect challenges.
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