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Lock-Wedge Test Clip Adapters

(Formerly known as the "Delta Probe")

The Lock-Wedge Test Clip is made up of an array of wedge shaped conductors, which make contact by the penetrating between the IC legs.

Emulating with high density surface mount packages mounted on your development board used to be a process plagued with inconsistent contact and fraught with the mechanical limitations of yesterday’s clip-on technology. Not anymore !
The Lock-Wedge Test Clip series uses an unique technology to solve the complex problem of monitoring all of the signals at once on quad flat pack (QFP), thin small outline (TSOP), small outline (SOIC), and other fine-pitch IC packages. The line covers several pin counts from 32 pin to 240 pin. Over 25 different Lock-Wedge Test Clip configurations will be available soon.

More information is coming soon.

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