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Custom Adapter Design
For one of any number of reasons the part you need may not be an off-the-shelf item. It could be a new design, a specialized application, or the need for a low-cost production adapter that will require a custom interconnect. For this you will need to put a specialist on your team.
Custom Adapter Team
There could be several solutions, to find out the right one for you, our team has more experience than anyone in the industry. First, you will be assigned a support specialist that will be with you on through every step of the design. You will also have a design engineer and a support team assisting on your project.
How does 2 weeks sound? This requires a solid specification, and that component parts are readily available, but we have delivered several designs with lightening speed. Standard delivey is 4-6 weeks and is much less expensive, and much more advisable. Every design is different, to find out how fast we are, call us.

There are thousands of tricks in this industry that will save you money and we know them all. Be it depopulating a socket to create a standard item, saving both time and money, or using special manufacturing techniques, we will give you a full set of options.

When speed, trace length, impedence, or board area are an issue, we make your priority our priority. We have the engineering knowledge to understand your issues and the expertise to meet your requirements

chipscale probing
package converters
surface mount sockets
chip shortages
high-run, low-cost
i.c. sockets
fast delivery
height, space limitations
high speed solutions
multi-layer designs to control signal degredation
Logic Analysis
adapt to tomorrows most advanced instruments
high volume device handlers

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custom adapter design gifCustom Adapter Design services are available. We specialize in providing custom solutions to your interconnect challenges.
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