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J-TAG Miniature Extension Cables

The SICA target connector can be assembled using normal SMD solder processes. Extra SICA target connectors are available for multiple board testing.


Connector Part Number Applicable Tools
10 pin 110-9110-00 Motorola: DBM
Renesas: SDSI, EZ-E
14 pin 110-9120-00 Motorola: JTAG
Renesas: E10A7
16 pin 110-9125-00 Motorola:
20 pin 110-9140-00 NEC: N-Wire
Renesas: E101
20pin 110-9140-10 Micon Writer, Renesas
YDC, Kyoei, Hokuto
Adapters.com, Inc. now offers a new product line of miniature extension cables to assist developers in connecting your test instrumentation or emulator to your J-TAG development target PCB.

A standard J-TAG connector is a 20-pin dual row connector with a 2.54mm pitch and consequently takes up quite a bit of room on your target PCB. The Small Interface Cable Adapter (SICA for short) reduces that footprint to about 1/6th of that size. The user mounts the "male" target connector on the PCB, and then with the use of the flex circuit interface cable he or she can debug the system using a JTAG instrument or emulator.

The SICA adapter line uses a surface mount Matsushita connector set with a 0.5mm pitch on the target side. The connector is also very low profile, 6mm mated height, and utilizes only 9 x 5.6mm or target board space compared to the 30 x 9mm of space the standard JTAG connector, and so it is very advantageous in tight places. All of the connectors are keyed on both sides to aid the user in proper pin alignments during initial set up. The surface mount connector must be designed into the users development board to take advantage of the SICA system. The SICA target and JTAG connectors are rated at 500 insertion / extraction cycles.

Adapters.com, Inc currently has 5 pin counts available to ship from stock. The SICA adapter kit comes with one flex cable assembly and one male connector for the target PCB. Contact one of our sales professionals for pricing and delivery information.


Material: Polyamide FPC, Double layer
Resistance: 300m Ohms
Connector: 500 cycles
Wiring: 1-1
Target Connector:

Type: Matsushita DF12 series, 0.5mm pitch
Size: req. space 9.0 x 5.6mm max
Cycles: 500




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