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New Release

Adapters.com’ POST card for testing and debugging PCs and PC cards

SUNNYVALE, California, April 13, 1998 – Adapters.com today announced a new compact POST card for troubleshooting PCs and or cards plugged into the PC. The POST card decodes I/O port 80h and displays the last value written to I/O Port 80h. Most BIOSes write status codes to I/O port 80h during power-on and self-test (POST). These codes provide the best motherboard status for troubleshooting. Adapters.com’ new POST card displays the last value that was written to I/O port 80h. At $49, the POST card is a valuable tool for anyone that does testing or developing on boards with an ISA slot. The POST card aids developing and testing the motherboard, BIOSes or cards that plug into the motherboard.

"Adapters.com supplies interconnect solutions for engineers doing testing and debugging," says Gabor Kardos president of Adapters.com, "The POST card is a debugging tool for the same engineers we already provide adapters. Our goal is to provide all the InterConnect tools that engineers need when developing embedded systems. The POST card is a great addition to our InterConnect arsenal."

Price and Availability

Quantity 1-5 $49 in stock

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