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News Release

Adapters.com’ introduces PolyBGA adapters for BGA, mBGA and CSP packages pitches from 1.27mm and 0.5mm

SUNNYVALE, California, April 27, 1998Adapters.com today announces the PolyBGA adapter solution. The PolyBGA adapter line is a new solder-down adapter series for BGA packages with pitches from 1.27mm to 0.5mm. The PolyBGA is the smallest BGA solder-down base on the market both in pitch and physical size. With the PolyBGA you can solder the base on the board and do testing with an emulator, logic analyzer, or place the IC on the PolyBGA base and use the PolyBGA as a socket. The PolyBGA is the only product with this flexibility. The PolyBGA is the first BGA adapter that is not limited to larger pitched BGA devices or limited to specific testing applications.

"The PolyBGA brings the technology used for BGA adapters out of the dark ages and into the 21st century. The PolyBGA is the most compact versatile solder down adapter." Gabor Kardos, president of Adapters.com, chortles as he sips his beer and cuts a slice of Hungarian sausage. "Every part of the PolyBGA is designed to solve all the interconnect challenges that engineers encounter when designing and testing BGA ICs."

The PolyBGA has the option of including guide pins. To use the PolyBGA with guide pins you need to have four holes in your target PCB, requiring planning for the holes during layout of the PCB. The guide pins simplify and improve alignment when soldering. Once soldered down the PolyBGA uses spring-loaded pins to provide contact and to resolve all issues with co-planarity that is a common problem for BGA adapters. The spring-loaded pins provide a maximum contact resistance of 70mW/pin. The PolyBGA base can be connected to an emulator or logic analyzer with the use of an adapter or flex cable. Once done with testing, you can use the PolyBGA to ship a first article to customers by placing the IC on the base and screwing down a socket cover. The PolyBGA is the only BGA adapter that allows this flexibility. With the PolyBGA a single PCB can be used to do all the testing, and the final unit can be shipped to the end customer. Also with the PolyBGA, several boards can have PolyBGA base soldered down and share the same logic analyzer or emulator top breakout boards.

Technical Specifications

Contact pin: Brass plated 0.5 mm gold over 2.5 mm nickel
Spring: Steel plated 0.05mm gold over 2.5 mm nickel
Base: SUMIKA Super S-100 resin Flame resistant UL-94V-0.
Top Cover: Phenol resin (Bakelite)

Electrical Specifications
Contact resistance: 70mW max./pin with a BGA package in the top housing
Withstanding voltage: 100VAC
Insulation resistance: 500MW or more at 100VDC
Rating current: 0.5A max./pin
Recommended reflow Temperature on the surface of the PolyBGA base
Temperature profile: Preheating temperature: 160 to 180 O C for 180 second max.
    Reflow temperature: 210 O C min. for 30 seconds max., but a maximum
    Temperature should be 240 O C for 10 seconds or less.
Cycle life: 100 insertions

Customer Profile

There are two different customer profiles for the PolyBGA. One is for people needing just one piece of a PolyBGA that has been developed. Currently the PolyBGA is available for the two most popular pin counts, 256 and 144. This will continue to expand. The other customer profile is a company that needs the PolyPod to create an emulation/test adapter for their BGA package or test equipment. Adapters.com can develop custom or single pin count PolyBGA. Any pin count and any pitch can be developed. Once a part has been developed that is standard, it will be made available for any customer at retail pricing.

Price and Availability

Qty. 1-5 $499 BGA 144 1.27mm base, spacer and top lid
Qty. 1-5 $810 BGA 256 1.27mm base, spacer and top lid
144 and 256 pin PolyBGA are now available.

Prices for developing PolyBGA for 1.27mm to 0.8mm devices

            Pin Counts     Cost

            149-199        $19K
            200-299        $21K
            300-349        $26K
            350-399        $30K

First units are shipped in 8-10 weeks.

New designs can be completed in 8-10 weeks after order confirmation. Products can then be purchased at a significant saving from regular pricing for that device for as long as the unit is produced. Pricing subject to quantity needs. Development cost can be split between companies that require the same pin-count and pitch device developed.

Products are carried directly by Adapters.com in the United Stated. International customers and distributor inquiries are welcome.

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