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News Release

Adapters.com’ new micro test clips connects to high density devices and cost less than $16 each
(1/2 the price of other micro test clips)

SUNNYVALE, California, March 31st, 1998 – Adapters.com today announced a new micro test clip that works on the smallest pitches at the smallest prices. The new micro test clips are capable of connecting to devices such as Plastic Quad Flat Packs (PQFPs), Small Outline Packages (SOPs) and Thin Small Outline Packages (TSOPs) with lead pitch of down to 0.20mm. The price is about half of grabbers made for 0.30mm pitches. The new micro test clips also support side-by-side connections and have a holding rod to manage multiple connections.

"Finally, we have a new micro clip that has everything – it works for fine pitch devices, allows for tight side-by-side stacking and is priced under $16 each for moderate quantities – 50% less than anything out there for the same pitch," says Gabor Kardos president of Adapters.com. "This is the technology that brings together feature, price and function. We have built up inventories and geared up production to meet the anticipated demand for these devices."

About the Micro Test Clips
The clip opens by pinching the body and the trigger together. This means that you can clip onto the device without having to place your index finger under the clip, making it easier to operate in tight or small places. Clips can be placed side-by-side using a unique staggering technique. The clips are held together with a holding rod. Up to 16 micro test clips can comfortably be placed on one holding rod.

Lead available for Micro Test Clips
Leads are available in 10, 20 and 30cm lengths. The leads have a 0.31mil female receptacle on one end and 0.31 mil male pin on the other end. Custom leads lengths and connections are available.

Technical Specifications
The micro test clips have stainless steel pincers that can be used for fine-pitched devices from 0.8mm to 0.2mm and have 0.511cm insulated extension barrels for added protection. The micro test clips electrical characteristics are: voltage, 30VAC / 60VDC with resistance <120m ohms. The micro test clips are designed to work in temperatures between –20 to +80 degrees C. The clip has a 0.031 mil pin for connecting to a logic analyzer or other test equipment. The micro test clips are available in black, blue, red, yellow, blue and white.

Price and Availability

Qty. 1-5 $19.95
Qty. 6-10 $17.96
Qty. 11-20 $16.96
Qty. 21-30 $15.96

Products are carried directly by Adapters.com in the US. International customer and distributor inquiries are welcome.

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