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News Releases

Green_Ball.gif (968 bytes)May 2005 - Adapters.com announced a line of adapters, which enables customers to evaluate surface mountable ICs using test instruments or "known good boards".

Green_Ball.gif (968 bytes)March 2005 - An expanded "CHIP-CHANGER" adapter line provides flexible cost saving solutions

Green_Ball.gif (968 bytes)November 2004 - Adapters.com comes to the rescue with the introduction of the JTAG Small Interface Cable Adapter.

Green_Ball.gif (968 bytes)September 1, 2004 ADAPTERS.COM introduces the Lock-Wedge Test Clips. Its own version of the popular"DELTA PROBE" line

Green_Ball.gif (968 bytes)September 1, 2004 An Expanded Emulator and Test Adapter line provides flexible solutions to engineers and test equipment vendors

Green_Ball.gif (968 bytes)July 15, 2000 A new logic analyzer product line supports TEKTRONIX'S TLA 700 SERIES analyzers

Green_Ball.gif (968 bytes)August 15, 1999 - Adapters.com today announced the availability of its Programming Adapters for the Motorola microcontroller line

Green_Ball.gif (968 bytes)May 5, 1999 Adapters.com today announced a new line of flex-cables for either high-speed or low impedance solutions tha interface directly with the popular PolyPod line of adapters.

Green_Ball.gif (968 bytes) April 27, 1998 Emulation Solution introduces PolyBGA adapters for BGA,mBGA and CSP packages with pitches from 1.27mm to 0.5mm

Green_Ball.gif (968 bytes) April 13, 1998 Emulation Solutiosn introduces POST card for debugging motherboards and cards by reporting BIOS status

Green_Ball.gif (968 bytes) March 31, 1998 Adapters.com' new micro test clips connects to a high density devices and cost less than $16 each (1/2 the price of other micro test clips)

Green_Ball.gif (968 bytes) January 10, 1998 Extender card line support a wide variety of computer bus types and card form factors

Green_Ball.gif (968 bytes) August 11, 1997 Prototyping boards for testing PCI, PCMCIA, ISA, EuroCard and more

Green_Ball.gif (968 bytes) July 14, 1997 New MicroClips available for grabbing 0.3mm pitch leads

Green_Ball.gif (968 bytes) June 30, 1997 Adapters.com announces our complete product line

Green_Ball.gif (968 bytes) April 30,1997 New PolyPod performs the function of emulator and test adapter

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