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SUNNYVALE, California, January 10, 1998 – Adapters.com today announced extender card support for the EUROCARD, the Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI), the Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP), the Personal Computer Memory Card International Association (PCMCIA), the Industry Standard Architecture (ISA), and other general purpose computer bus board form factors.

Extender cards are used to give convenient access to computer bus signals, while they also allow easy access to the signals on a computer board itself by extending it from the chassis.

"This product line integrates smoothly with our debugging tool, test accessory, and interconnect solutions" explained Gabor Kardos, the founder of Adapters.com. "Engineers who try to debug hardware on a computer bus inside a system without using and extender card are like surgeons trying to operate without cutting into the patient and seeing what is going on inside. Our goal is to provide tools for the engineering community that will help system designers to bring products to the market. Extender cards are used in the very early stage of product development and they can be essential during initial system debugging."

The EUROCARD format is used by VME/VXI bus, Multibus II, Futurebus, and other high-speed computer interfaces. It is a worldwide standard, and widely used in applications such as industrial control, embedded systems and workstations. This card format is popular for rugged or high performance systems and it supports various form factors from 100 x 160 to 233.4 x 400 mm sizes.

PCI, AGP, PCMCIA, and ISA cards are used in the PC compatible world.

The product line is also supported with various prototyping boards and adapters to aid early circuit prototyping with densely packed environments.

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