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Contact: Marc Udelhoven
Adapters.com, Inc.
(408) 855-8527

Santa Clara, California, March 1, 2005 - Adapters.com announced an expansion of the their popular Chip-Changer adapter product line. These adapters offer engineers an alternative to scrapping existing boards due to part obsolescence, part allocations, and costly board revisions. The original product line became an industry savior when introduced in 1999 and has continued to expand.

For example, the newest Chip-Changers are designed for the popular 40 and 48 pin TSOP Type-I IC packages. These ICs are available in two package sizes. If during the PCB design they use the standard PCB layout pattern from the part library, they often use the 18.4mm body size. After ordering the parts they will find out that it actually comes only in the less known but popular 12.4mm body size. These adapters solve this problem with no additional changes to their existing PCB and the adapter requires no additional keep out area. The Chip-Changer line only adds 0.062" to the original package height, therefore fitting this into tightly packed enclosures is not a problem. These adapters can be assembled using hand soldering or standard paste and reflow processes.

"We can use this technology for many package types including SOIC, QFP and BGA" commented Gabor Kardos, the president of Adapters.com. "It is much more cost effective than re-spinning the PC board, not to mention the enormous time saving this solution provides", he continued.

Availability and Pricing
Pricing starts at $50.00 in single quantities but drops significantly in production volumes.

About Adapters.com

Adapters.com is a technology company that develops, markets, and supports high performance and standard adapters and test accessories for the Embedded Systems market.

Adapters.com was established in 1997 by Gabor Kardos, a 20-year pioneer in the test adapter industry, to provide answers for all high performance interconnect problems and challenges. It is a rapidly growing company and will 'adapt' to new challenges quickly. Its staff has many years of proven track record in providing innovative solutions and superior customer support in this market.


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