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Contact: Marc Udelhoven
Adapters.com, Inc.
(408) 855-8527

Santa Clara, California, May 1, 2005 - Adapters.com announced a line of adapters, which enables customers to evaluate surface mountable ICs using test instruments or "known good boards". These chips come in SOIC, TSOP, SSOP, TSSOP packages of various pint counts, from 8 pin to 86 pins. Body sizes and lead pitches also vary a great deal. Characterization and testing is a major issue, because of the unavailability of surface mountable sockets. The PCBs are designed with the relevant SMT footprint, so how do you test these ICs without soldering them to the PCB.

These adapters have a Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) socket on the top for the particular device to be tested while providing a surface mountable footprint on the bottom. To test your device you just mount your adapter to you PCB, then plug in the top adapter with the ZIF socket, drop in the IC and you are ready to test. It can be a functional test by running a "known good board" with the IC to be tested, or you can monitor the signals on the wire wrap test points provided for the IC with a test instrument

Adapters.com capitalizing on its eight years of history in designing complex adapters for the industry and has introduced a line of adapters for QFP, BGA and other high density packages with pin pitches from 0.4 to 1.27 mm and the continuously expanding the line.

Availability and Pricing
Pricing starts below $200 in single quantities and new designs are available in less than 4 weeks.

About Adapters.com

Adapters.com is a technology company that develops, markets, and supports high performance and standard adapters and test accessories for the Embedded Systems market. Adapters.com most recent innovation includes the Lock-wedge (formerly known as DeltaProbe) test clip line.


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