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SUNNYVALE, California, June 30, 1997 – Adapters.com (formerly E Solutions) announced a product line that provides solutions for engineering professionals, who are developing products using advanced circuit packages. Some of these tools are used with test instruments, such as logic analyzers and emulators, and enables the user to connect those instruments to various package types, including Ball Grid Arrays (BGA), Plastic Quad Flat Pack (PQFP), Thin Small Outline (TSOP), and other advanced high density packages.

 Other tools are used to wire wrap prototype circuits in the customary 0.1 inch environment. "There is an enormous amount of package variation on the market today," commented Gabor Kardos, the founder of Adapters.com, "and the engineers are using various package types in their designs. Our company’s goal is to have a product line that addresses practically every conceivable need an engineer might have, from the early prototyping to final system integration."

Adapters.com can support a product development from beginning to end. For the first phase of a design cycle the company sells prototyping boards in Eurocard, PC bus, and other form factors. The prototyping boards need adapters to connect circuits together in high-density packages. The next step in the design phase is the first PCB, and the beginning of the system integration. Now, the users need to have access to device pins using test clips, probes, and various socket adapters. As the hardware software integration continues, device programming adapters are essential to reprogram devices to finalize the firmware.

 The technical support team at Adapters.com is completely familiar with the potential needs of its customers, and fully aware of the fact, that fast delivery is essential in most cases, since development time can be severely impacted if one of the tools are not available at the proper time.

 About Adapters.com

Adapters.com is a technology company that develops, markets, and supports high performance and standard adapters and test accessories for the Embedded Systems market. Adapters.com most recent innovation includes the RoboClip and the PolyPod line.

Adapters.com was established in 1997 by Gabor Kardos, a 15 year pioneer in the test adapter industry to provide answers for all high performance interconnect problems and challenges. It is a rapidly growing company and will ‘adapt’ to new challenges quickly. Its staff has many years of proven track record in providing innovative solutions and superior customer support in this market.

custom adapter design gifCustom Adapter Design services are available. We specialize in providing custom solutions to your interconnect challenges.
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