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SUNNYVALE, California, April 30, 1997 – Adapters.com (formerly E Solutions) today announced the availability of the only tri-purpose adapter product line, that can be configured as an emulator adapter, a logic analyzer adapter, or a socket for the popular Plastic Quad Flat Pack (PQFP) packages. The PolyPod surface mountable adapters allow the designers to perform multiple types of test setups from logic analysis to in-circuit emulation, and even can ship the product with the actual chip installed without additional soldering or de-soldering.

 "I developed surface mountable adapters seven years ago," commented Gabor Kardos, the president of Adapters.com. "Similar kind of adapters are available now from various vendors, and they all look alike and work alike. The current technology allows the user to surface mount an adapter in place of the IC on the target board, then connect the emulator or other test instrument," he continued. "If the users want to ship a tested product, they have to replace the surface mounted adapter with an actual IC. It is a costly, messy process to say the least."

 The adapter line from Adapters.com introduces a compact design and an added flexibility to the present approaches. When using the older technologies, the user is forced to de-solder the surface mounted adapter from the target board if they want to avoid any extra parasitic loading, and run the system with an actual IC at full speed. Now clock rates are commonly over 50 MHz and any additional loading can kill the system.

 One configuration of the PolyPod adapters from Adapters.com acts like a surface mountable socket, with a footprint as small as the package itself, and allows testing the circuitry with an actual chip. It does not effect the high frequency operation significantly, since it will not introduce large amount of extra loading, or create cross-talk and noise in the system.

 The adapter line provides all the necessary hardware that interfaces the PolyPod to emulators, logic analyzers and other test instruments. Options include high frequency flexible cable extensions. Modular design allows fast and convenient changes in a test setup. High precision guide pins, and rugged connectors ensure reliable connections. Optional fasteners help to create an assembly that will withstand demanding environments, such as vibration in automotive environments.

Availability and Pricing

 These adapters are available in all popular sizes for PQFP packages, from 32 pins to 256 pins. Adapters.com will provide custom designs to fit these adapters to any application. Prices start at $70.00

About Adapters.com

Adapters.com is a technology company that develops, markets, and supports high performance and standard adapters and test accessories for the Embedded Systems market. Adapters.com most recent innovation includes the RoboClip line.

Adapters.com was established in 1997 by Gabor Kardos, a 15 year pioneer in the test adapter industry to provide answers for all high performance interconnect problems and challenges. It is a rapidly growing company and will ‘adapt’ to new challenges quickly. Its staff has many years of proven track record in providing innovative solutions and superior customer support in this market.

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