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SUNNYVALE, California, August 15, 1999 - Adapters.com today announced the availability of its Programming Adapters for the Motorola microcontroller line for Shrink DIP packages. Through the signing of key OEM agreements and developing high-end programming adapters in house, Adapters.com now has the broadest line of device support.

These Programming Adapters support Motorola's 67HC708XL36CB and 68HC705B32 microcontrollers, which are also available in SDIP packages. They are used with BP Microsystems' device programmers that have Dual-in-Line (DIP) sockets for programming PALs, EPROMs, Gate Arrays and other devices. With the availability of new high-density packages, such as SDIP, SOICs, TSOPs, SSOPs, PQFPs, and others, the users of those packages need adapters to convert the new package form-factors to DIP.

These adapters are available from stock and they are priced at $155 in single quantities.

"Our company was established to provide a solution for every conceivable problem a electronics system developer might have," stated Gabor Kardos, the president of Adapters.com, "and programming devices in high density packages is one of those basic problems the designers face each day. Some of the new devices are not available in DIP at all. Our adapter line covers every possible device or package type."

Adapters.com works with many manufactures proactively to get specifications of programmable ICs before they are introduced. "Our goal is to have adapters ready when silicon is ready. This makes life easier for everyone. It is great to have IC vendors working closely with us to make this happen."

Adapters.com is aware of the urgency of most of its customer's need, and can ship these products in a matter of days, or overnight when necessary.

About Adapters.com

Adapters.com is a technology company that develops, markets, and supports high performance and standard adapters and test accessories for the Embedded Systems market.

Adapters.com most recent innovation includes the RoboClip and PolyPod adapter lines for high density packages.

Adapters.com was established in 1997 by Gabor Kardos, a 15 year pioneer in the test adapter industry to provide answers for all high performance interconnect problems and challenges. It is a rapidly growing company and will 'adapt' to new challenges quickly. Its staff has many years of proven track record in providing innovative solutions and superior customer support in this market.



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