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SUNNYVALE, California, July 14, 1997 – Adapters.com (formerly E Solutions) today announced the availability of a high-density test probe product line. The miniature test clips, called MICROCLIPS, are designed to attach side by side to leads on high-density integrated circuit packages.

 "Having access to signals and achieving a reliable connection on packages - with 0.5 mm lead pitch or less - is a challenge," said Gabor Kardos, the founder of Adapters.com. "I have seen engineers struggle with soldering miniature wires to IC legs in order to monitor the signals, and it is not a pretty site. Our test probes grab onto the pins reliably, and make the engineering professionals’ life much easier," he continued.

 The MICROCLIPS can be used with Plastic Quad Flat Pack (PQFP), Small Outline (SO), Thin Small Outline (TSOP) and other fine pitch packages. These test probes are ideal to connect various signals on multiple packages to test equipment, such as logic analyzers. The MICROCLIPs can be placed side-by-side on neighboring pins, down to 0.3 mm pitch.

 Adapters.com offers various sizes and configurations. One version allows the user to stack the MICROCLIPs side-by-side, and they are color coded, where the left hook is green and the right hook is yellow. The fine pitch version has an 8 mm hook, but larger pitch versions can have a 30 mm long hooks.

 Availability and pricing:

 MICROCLIPs are available form STOCK, and prices start at $20 ea. for individual pieces.

 About Adapters.com

Adapters.com is a technology company that develops, markets, and supports high performance and standard adapters and test accessories for the Embedded Systems market. Adapters.com most recent innovation includes the RoboClip and the PolyPod line.

Adapters.com was established in 1997 by Gabor Kardos, the pioneering founder of Emulation Technology Inc., along with other experts in the test adapter industry to provide answers for all high performance interconnect problems and challenges. It is a rapidly growing company and will ‘adapt’ to new challenges quickly. Its staff has many years of proven track record in providing innovative solutions and superior customer support in this market.

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