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Often test equipment manufacturers have us work on adapter solutions for their products before the products go to market. This does two things to benefit customers -- First the adapters is ready and has been tested; second it is added to our off-the-shelf products and no minimum order is required.

Below are listed the manufacturers that we have close working relations ships with.

Company using adapters Adapter Types used
iSYSTEM -In Circuit Emulators PolyPod bases for emulators QFP clip-over adapters
Nohau In Circuit Emulators and distributor PolyPod bases for emulators, QFP clip-over adapters and many full-custom solutions
Signum In Circuit Emulators QFP clip-over adapters


custom adapter design gifCustom Adapter Design services are available. We specialize in providing custom solutions to your interconnect challenges.
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