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Adapter Basics

Adapters Technical Details

Basic Construction

Adapters either translate package types, or provides access to pins for testing or emulation.  Thus, all interconnect adapters have a basic construction.  The bottom portion of the adapter connects to the target system.  It can plug into a socket, solder down onto the IC pads or clip over the IC.  The middle board on an adapter is used to translate pins if needed.  The top of the adapter is the receptacle for the application.  The top may house the IC, break-out to test points, and/or connect to a logic analyzer or in-circuit emulator.

Package Information

To specify an adapter takes various packaging information.  This is needed because of the wide variety of packages types and the variation within a particular package type, of even the same pin count.  The packaging information requested by the Custom Adapter builder and by the Search engines remove this ambiguity.

Typical Adapter Construction

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custom adapter design gifCustom Adapter Design services are available. We specialize in providing custom solutions to your interconnect challenges.
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