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PolyBGA Data Sheet

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Download PDF Data sheet (Print out the data sheet)

Adapters.com PolyBGA adapter is a surface mount adapter solution for any pitch from 1.27mm to 0.5mm pitches and any pin count. The PolyPod does come in standard sizes, but is currently best suited for application with higher volume needs as new pin counts require a substantial level of commitment.

The PolyBGA adapter is unique in the way that it can be used both to do testing and debugging with emulator or logic anlyzer adapters and can be used with the IC under test by placing the IC on the base and screwing a socket cover on top of it.

Custom conversion boards can be built for the Poly BGA to meet your design requirements.

Curently the PolyBGA is available for 144 and 256 pin BGAs for 1.27mm pitch. Please call for quotation on other parts.
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Technical Specifications


Contact pin: Brass plated 0.5 mm gold over 2.5 mm nickel
Spring: Steel plated 0.05mm gold over 2.5 mm nickel
Base: SUMIKA Super S-100 resin Flame resistant UL-94V-0.
Top Cover: Phenol resin (Bakelite)

Electrical Specifications:

Contact resistance: 70mW max./pin with a BGA package in the top housing
Withstanding voltage: 100VAC
Insulation resistance: 500MW or more at 100VDC
Rating current: 0.5A max./pin
Recommended reflow Temperature on the surface of the PolyBGA base
Temperature profile: Preheating temperature: 160 to 180 O C for 180 seconds max.
Reflow temperature: 210 O C min. for 30 seconds max., but a maximum
Temperature should be 240 O C for 10 seconds or less.
Cycle life: 100 insertions

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